Our company is flexible in developing, producing, and marketing textiles, both woven and knit, for men’s and women’s clothing, paying particular attention to their uses in high fashion and high class sportswear. Our past collections and those available in the future are prepared based on research of innovative textiles, examining new mixes of natural fibers, refined threads, and new finishes, some of which are patented, and others of which may be patented in the future.

The winter collections focus on cashmere, alpaca, silk, and wool, pure or mixed with each other, both with dyed thread and piece-dyed; Summer seasons are centered around cashmere, silk, linen, and cotton, pure or mixed, both with dyed thread and piece-dyed. In light of our company’s background, enriched throughout the years, we are considered an authority on the most important practices in the textile market and represent the best of Italian production in terms of research and product innovation.