Research is integral to our company. There are many projects that our company may propose and develop at the same time. From studies on raw materials seeking to make new blends, innovative threads, and performance textiles with special features (sometimes one of a kind) to various clothing and accessory designs, which given the demands of the moment, favor the "easy life" concept.

All of our research reports on the textile sector with a 360° view. Our most recent successful patent, is the patent (no. 0001421270) of a cashmere fabric, in both woven and knit weaves, which is innovative, has exceptional performance, and is suitable to many different uses, from jackets, down jackets, and windbreakers, to shirts and trousers, etc. It is suitable for any season, and even blends well with linen, cotton, silk, and many other fibers. Every year, many resources are devoted to research in order to meet the demands of our valuable clients, to whom our company caters.