Engineering Textile Company (E.T.C.)

Today the company is carried on by Andrea, who graduated in 1991 in Textile Technologies (Textile Engineering) from the Politecnico di Torino located in Biella.

He has gained over twenty years’ experience in the clothing textile industry dedicating himself to all aspects of the industry (production, style, and marketing) and today, helped by Ermes, he continues the company’s research, development, and studies, beginning with the raw materials, and continuing with the thread, the pattern, the color matching, and the finishing touches until the fabric is finished; from the use of different types of weaves (both various types of woven and knit weaves, both circular and straight) to the use of the most valuable natural fibers (cashmere, silk, alpaca, camel, etc.) and man-made ones. Along with the development of textiles, we can collaborate on the development of accessories or packaging projects involving new ideas and the future look in the luxury sector, and beyond.

With the experience gained over the years, we can provide business plans aimed at the development of new textile companies, from the choice of the most suitable equipment for each project, the drafting of the most appropriate layout for each company, and personnel training to any other support necessary for textile production. They are also able to perform evaluation analyses for the purchase of existing companies. A complete production groundwork can be provided to customers who wish to build a 100% Made in Italy garment production line.

In recent years, our company has forged strong ties in the Chinese market. We have completed several projects there, allowing us to learn more about production and trade in this market, while collaborating with and bringing us closer to various organizations.